100% recovered,
high strength
steel fibres
for concrete reinforcement

build a greener and stronger world
build X.

The Xfibers group makes innovative and certified high strength steel fibres from recovered raw materials and creates added value for both the construction industry and the environment.

Xfibres are steel fibres used to increase the strength of concrete, mortar and grout. Xfibres are used as dispersed reinforcement for structural and non-structural structures to improve rheological properties and reduce micro cracks.


Xfibres are stronger by the use of high strength steel from car tires where the fulfilment of highest loads and quality standards is a must. Several thermal treatment and mechanical forming process increase the material properties to its best. No compromises of strength – build X


Xfibres are more environmentally friendly by using recovered high strength steel wires from ELT (end of life) tires of cars. Unlike conventional reinforcement products, no steel melting and steel forming energy is consumed.
Xfibres reduce our environmental impact and carbon footprint – build X 


Xfibres are better due to unique basic features such as material strength and material distribution properties as well as environmental relief. A comprehensive properties and performance package for your benefit – build X

Working on building
a greener and stronger world?

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